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The Master’s Degree Program in Animal Production with emphasis on livestock (PPGZ for its spelling in Portuguese) was created in 1977 to improve the training of professionals seeking to work with teaching, research and extension activities. In 1979, the following areas of concentration were added to the Program: Pasture and Forage, Animal Nutrition, Animal Breeding, and Animal Production. The first theses were completed and defended in 1980 and the first nine students of the PPGZ earned their Master's Degree in Animal Science. These pioneer students were professors of the Department of Animal Science, among them Professor Ilo Jacondino Francisco Ribeiro and Professor Valter Eliogabalos Rosa de Azambuja.

In 1985 the Program was accredited by the Federal Council for Education (CFE). Doctoral degree classes started to be offered in 2000 and the first two dissertations were completed and defended in 2003, awarding two professors of the Department of Animal Sciences the PhD diploma: Professor João Carlos Maier and Professor Marcelo Alves Pimentel. In 2004, almost all of the first doctorate students registered in the PPGZ also defended their dissertations, totaling eight PhD students graduating from the Program.

Social Actions
The PPGZ has great social responsibility in the region where it is located. It supports several cities in southern Rio Grande do Sul, with a target audience that ranges from small to large producers in different sectors such as sheep, dairy and beef cattle, swine, and poultry farming. It also develops training activities and provides services so as to meet producers’ needs, aiming to improve farmers’ living conditions and remuneration by means of new production techniques.


Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

Animal Breeding and Reproduction

Animal Nutrition

Pasture and Forage

Production Systems

Study Plan

Courses – 1stsemester:

Fish Feeding and Nutrition

Advances in Bird Nutritional Management

Animal Bioclimatology II


Forage Conservation

Supervised Teaching Internship

Experimental Statistics II

Ethology and Animal Welfare

Behavioral Physiology in Ruminants and Horses

Physiology and Reproduction Management of Birds

Biological Functions Applied to Livestock

Fundamentals of Pasture Management

Immunonutrition Applied to Non-Ruminants

Fish Prophylaxis and Management

Scientific and Research Methodology

Advanced Methods in Quantitative Genetics

Poultry Nutrition

Swine Nutrition

Dissertation/Thesis Advice and Support

Natural Pastures

Planning and Analysis of Research Projects

Practices in Poultry Breeding

Poultry Farming

Beef Cattle Farming

Dairy Cattle Farming

Sheep Farming

Fish Farming

Swine Farming

Production and Evaluation of Carcass and Meat II


Seminars on Animal Science

“In vivo” Evaluation Techniques of Carcass and Meat

Courses – 2nd semester

Feed Additives in Animal Nutrition

Metabolic Changes Applied to Poultry

Advances in Swine Nutrition Management

Advances in Cattle NutritionManagement

Inland Shrimp Farming

Endocrinology Applied to Livestock Production

Supervised Teaching Internship

Ethology and Animal Welfare

Behavioral Physiology of Ruminants and Horses

Population and Quantitative Genetics

Laboratory of Animal Nutrition


Animal Breeding II

Animal Breeding III

Poultry Breeding

Protein Metabolism

Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism

Lipid Metabolism in Animals

Animal Nutrition

Ruminant Nutrition

Dissertation/Thesis Advice and Support

Planning and Analysis of Research Projects

Practices in Poultry Breeding

Cattle Farming I

Pasture Production

Production and Evaluation of Carcass and Meat I

Fish Reproduction

Seminars in Animal Science

Pasture Evaluation Techniques

Experimental Techniques in Animal Production

Topics on Physiology Applied to Small Ruminants


Permanent Faculty

Arione Augusti Boligon

Cássio Cassal Brauner

Denise Calisto Bongalhardo

Eduardo Gonçalves Xavier

Fernando Flores Cardoso

Fernando Rutz

Francisco Augusto Burkert Del Pino

Gilson de Mendonça

Heden Luiz Marques Moreira

Isabella Dias Barbosa Silveira

José Carlos da Silveira Osório

Juvêncio Luis Osório Fernandes Pouey

Maria Teresa Moreira Osório

Nelson José Laurino Dionello

Otoniel Geter Lauz Ferreira

Ricardo Zambarda Vaz

Sergio Renato Noguez Piedras

Victor Fernando Büttow Roll

Associate Faculty

Élen Nunes Garcia

Hero Alfaya Jr.

Jerri Teixeira Zanusso

Jorge Schafhäuser Júnior

Luiz Francisco Machado Pfeifer

Marcos Antonio Anciuti

Number of credits required

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