Seed Science and Technology

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The Program started its activities in 1974 with the creation of a Master’s Degree. The Specialization Degree in Seed Science and Technology was established in 1985, followed by a Doctorate Degree in 1991 and finally the Professional Master’s Degree, created in 2001.


The Program’s facilities include five laboratories and the Seed Processing Unit structured as follows:

– Teaching Laboratory of Seed Analysis;

– Analytical Laboratory of Seed Production;

– Bioseed Laboratory;

– Seed Pathology Laboratory;

– Seed Physiology Laboratory;

– Seed Processing Unit.

Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

Study Plan


Professor Antonio C. S. A. Barros –
Professor Dario Munt de Moraes –
Professor Francisco Amaral Villella –
Professor Leopoldo M. B. Labbé –
Professor Luis Osmar Braga Schuch –
Professor Manoel de Souza Maia –
Professor Maria Ângela André Tillmann –
Professor Orlando Antônio Lucca Filho –
Professor Paulo Dejalma Zimmer –
Professor Silmar Teichert Peske –
Professor Vilmar Luciano Mattei –
Professor Wolmer Brod Peres –

Number of credits required

Students are required to complete a minimum of 24 credits and be approved in the Dissertation defense.

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