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UFPEL’s Graduate Program in Physics, headquartered in Building 15 of the university’s Institute of Physics and Mathematics, was recommended by CAPES in December 2007 and has offered a Master’s Degree in Physics since August 2008.

The Master’s Degree Program in Physics was graded 4 in CAPES’ last triennial evaluation (2010-2012).

Area of Concentration


Lines of Research

Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical and Experimental)

Particle and Hadron Physics (Theoretical)

Plasma Physics (Theoretical)


Study Plan

Mandatory Courses in the Program:
Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory
Master’s Thesis

Elective Courses:
Classical Mechanics
Quantum Chromodynamics
Quantum Field Theory
Solid State
Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
Plasma Physics
Topics in Particle and Hadron Physics
Topics in Statistical Physics
Topics in Plasma Physics
Particle and Hadron Physics Seminars
Superconductivity Seminars
Statistical Physics Seminars
Plasma Physics Seminars
Professional Internship
Supervised Teaching Practice
Molecular Simulation
Computational Methods for Quantum Simulation I
Computational Methods for Quantum Simulation II
Topics in Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Systems
Topics in Superconductivity
Topics in Physical Properties of Materials


Statistical Physics and Complex Systems
Professor Alexandre Diehl
Professor Arlan Ferreira

Particle and Hadron Physics
Professor Victor Paulo Barros Gonçalves
Professor Werner Krambeck Sauter
Professor João Thiago de Santana Amaral

Plasma Physics
Professor Joel Pavan
Professor Fernando Jaques Ruiz Simões Junior
Professor Rudi Gaelzer

Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Professor Douglas Langie da Silva
Professor Fábio Teixeira Dias
Professor Mario Lucio Moreira
Professor Willian Edgardo Alayo Rodriguez

Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Professor Marcelo Pereira Machado
Professor Mario Lucio Moreira

Number of credits required

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