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Universidade Federal de Pelotas – Campus Porto
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In November 2010 CAPES released the results of the assessment of proposals for new programs in 2010. From October 25th – 29th, 2010, in Brasilia, at the 122nd Meeting of the Scientific Technical Council of Higher Education (CTC-ES), the proposal to create the Master’s degree of Languages and Literature was accredited.

Area of Concentration

Language Studies

Comparative Literature

Lines of Research

Language Studies

Description and Analysis of Linguistic Phenomena
Based on studies of linguistics, this line of research aims to gather and encourage projects that describe and analyze linguistic phenomena for the various essential levels of language with possible pedagogical implications.

Language Teaching and Learning
Based on studies of Applied Linguistics, this line of research aims to gather and encourage projects for the teaching and learning of native and foreign languages.

Comparative Literature

Studies of Intertextuality
Analysis and interpretation of literary texts through theories of intertextuality and principles of interdisciplinarity, bridging the gaps between different literary texts as well as other literary and cultural and aesthetic texts.

Studies in Literature and History
Problematizing and discussing the interactions between literature, culture and history focusing on identity formations, memories, disasters, ideologies, their relations with literary systems, historical and cultural context, and their representations in literary and non-literary texts.

Study Plan


Area: Language Studies

Line of research: Description and Analysis of Linguistic Phenomena
Ana Paula Nobre da Cunha
Giovana Ferreira-Gonçalves

Luís Isaías Centeno do Amaral
Maria José Blaskovski Vieira
Mirian Rose Brum-de-Paula

Line of research: Language learning and teaching
Cíntia da Costa Alcântara
Cleide Inês Wittke
Isabella Ferreira Mozzillo
Leticia Fonseca Richthofen de Freitas
Rafael Vetromille-Castro
Tatiana Bolivar Lebedeff

Area: Comparative Literature

Line of research: Studies of Intertextuality
João Luís Pereira Ourique
João Manuel dos Santos Cunha
José Carlos Marques Volcato

Line of research: Studies in Literature and History
Alfeu Sparemberger
Aulus Mandagará Martins
Daniele Gallindo Gonçalves

Number of credits required

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