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Faculdade de Educação – Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ensino de Ciências e Matemática
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The Professional Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics of UFPEL Teachers College aims to promote and encourage the teachers who work in the areas of Science and Mathematics to develop a professional skills guided by autonomy, the research in the classroom, structuring and developing flexible curricula, reflecting on the students' learning, developing appropriate methodologies and methodological strategies for the teaching of Science and Mathematics and the development of a formative evaluation process. In short, a set of professional skills defined by the development of actions that characterize the teacher’s intervention in school and their work as freelance teachers and researchers of their practice.

This Program is then guided by the purpose of producing changes in the field of professional action of teachers in the areas of Science and Mathematics from our coverage region, and knowledge to be socialized mainly in public education networks. The choice for these priorities relate to our belief in the need to participate in processes and actions that focus on improving standards of teaching in schools, since the results presented by various indexes that attempt to measure the quality of teaching in our country and in our state are unsatisfactory in student learning outcomes.

Students of this Program will also have the opportunity to develop studies and research in interdisciplinary practices, including the elaboration of teaching projects not only between the knowledge areas involved with the program, but also incorporating other areas of knowledge and solid theoretical foundations in these activities.

Another important aspect of this project relates to the theory/practice articulation, specifically research into the classroom, which we see as a fundamental axis in a Professional Master’s in Education. This articulation will be a forum for the development of analyses and thoughts from and in practice. We intend that the Master’s thesis show the tools by which this relationship can be expressed either in the preparation, development and analysis of curricular designs of masters in their work reality, or the analysis of specific situations in schools of curricula, instructional materials, and more.

Finally, we understand this process to be one of continuing education as a reframing of practice, rather than being a mere application of knowledge. It will be the result of the production of knowledge that will be the reference source for new practices and the research questions generated by the daily school. We therefore believe that this Professional Master’s Degree can be an agent of transformation in schools and in classrooms revitalization of Science and Mathematics in our region.

Information about the Program

Minimum registration period: 24 months
Maximum registration period: 48 months
Organization of courses offered: By semester
Admission: selective process
Reference location of the Program: Teachers College/UFPel
Business hours: Fridays with the possibility of another shift
Dean: Professor Verno Krüger
Assistant Dean: Professor Maira Ferreira

Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Training
This line of research discusses issues involved in teachers’ continuing education. It takes into account curricular perspectives and pedagogical practices for the building of concepts in professional development processes by covering research in the classroom.

Methodological Strategies and Educational Resources in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics
This line of research discusses and proposes studies and research in Science and Mathematics, addressing the learning processes, the development of teaching materials and experimental practices and the use of new information and communication technologies.

Study Plan

The curriculum of the Professional Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Mathematics and Science follows the organization described below (in courses and activities). Students are required to complete a minimum of 24 credits.

Mandatory courses
– History and Philosophy of Science (2 credits – 34h)
– Research Methodology (3 credits – 51h)
– Supervised Teaching Practices (2 credits – 34h)
– Thesis workshop (every semester – 51h – no credits)

II – Elective Courses (mandatory by area of concentration)

a) Teaching area: Science/Chemistry
– Topics in Chemistry (4 credits – 68h)
– Chemistry and its Methodologies (4 credits – 68h)

b) Teaching area: Science/Biology
– Topics in Biology (4 credits – 68h)
– Biology and its Methodologies (4 credits – 68h)

c) Teaching area: Mathematics
– Experimental Mathematics (4 credits – 68h)
– Mathematics and its Methodologies (4 credits – 68h)

III – Elective Courses
– Teaching and Learning (3 credits – 51h)
– Curriculum and Teaching (3 credits – 51h)
– Technologies and Education (4 credits – 68h)
– Epistemology of Mathematics (2 credits – 34h)
– Education, Culture and Society (2 credits – 34h)
– Advanced Seminars (2 credits – 34h each)
– Courses taken in other graduation programs accredited by CAPES

IV – Other activities
Publication in peer-reviewed journal (1 credit – 17h each)


Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Training
Dra. Aline Brum Loreto
Dra. Carla Gonçalves Rodrigues
Dra. Denise Nascimento Silveira
Dr. Diogo Franco Rios
Dra. Maira Ferreira 
Dra. Márcia Souza da Fonseca
Dra. Rita de Cássia Morem Cóssio Rodriguez
Dr. Robledo Lima Gil
Dr. Verno Kruger

Methodological Strategies and Educational Resources in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics
Dra. Alzira Yamazaki 
Dr. André Luis Andrejew Ferreira 
Dra. Leila de Fátima Nogueira Macias 
Dra. Maira Ferreira 
Dra. Maria de Fátima Duarte Martins 
Dra. Rita de Cássia Morem Cóssio Rodriguez 
Dra. Rosária Ilgenfritz Sperotto 
Dr. Verno Kruger 


Number of credits required

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