Management and Conservation of Soil and Water

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Faculdade de Agronomia Eliseu Maciel – FAEM
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The Graduate Program in Management and Conservation of Soil and Water (PPG-MACSA for its spelling in Portuguese) aims to provide degree-holding professionals with the opportunity to improve their skills to work with higher education teaching and research, enabling them to further technological and scientific knowledge on the management and conservation of soil and water through the conduction of scientific research projects in all of their underlying aspects: planning, design, implementation, analysis and publishing,

In 2011, the Program was given a grade of 4 by CAPES Technical and Scientific Council of Higher Education (CTC-ES), earning the same grade in the last triennial evaluation (2010-2012).

The faculty is comprised of professors from the Soil Science and Rural Engineering departments of the Eliseu Maciel School of Agronomy, as well as professors from UFPel Undergraduate Program in Agricultural Engineering.

Area of Concentration

Management and Conservation of Soil and Water.

Lines of Research

Management and Conservation of Soil and Water in Agricultural Lands

Management and Conservation of Soil and Water in Mined Lands

Study Plan

Land suitability and management of lowland soils;

Assessment and reclamation of degraded lands

Assessment of environmental impacts

Water dynamics in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

Soil fertility

Soil physics I

Soil physics II

Management of water resources



Introduction to spatial and time series analysis

Agricultural water management

Hydrological modelling


Transfer processes in the soil-water-plant-atmosphere system

Soil chemistry

Remote sensing

Special topics in management and conservation of soil and water I and II

Seminars I and II


Professor Cláudia Fernanda Almeida Teixeira

Professor Cláudia Liane Rodrigues de Lima

Professor Eloy Antonio Pauletto

Professor Luís Carlos Timm

Professor Luiz Fernando Spinelli Pinto

Professor Rita de Cássia Fraga Damé

Professor Rodrigo Rizzi

Professor Rogério Oliveira de Sousa

Professor Vitor Emanuel Quevedo Tavares

Number of credits required

In order to qualify for the Master's thesis defense, students are expected to have taken a minimum of 24 (twenty-four) credits.

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