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The Master’s Degree Program in Geography (PPPG for its spelling in Portuguese) aims to develop skills and provide theoretical, methodological, epistemological and technical improvement of teachers, researchers and other professionals related to its purpose, which involves central themes in geography. Thus, the Program is built on the prospect of preparing critical professionals who can work in their respective fields using the skills and expertise acquired by experience in graduate school. It also aims to contribute to the deepening of geographical knowledge within each particular line of research.

Area of Concentration

Dynamics of Space Production and Geography Teaching

Lines of Research

1 – Dynamics of Rural and Urban Space Production

2 – Geography Teaching

Study Plan


Professor Adão José Vital da Costa (PhD in Family Farming Production Systems – Universidade Federal de Pelotas)
Professor Adriano Luís Heck Simon (PhD in Geography – Universidade Estadual de São Paulo /UNESP – Rio Claro)
Professor Erika Collischonn (PhD in Geography – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Professor Giancarla Salamoni (PhD in Geography – Universidade Estadual de São Paulo/UNESP – Rio Claro)
Professor Giovana Mendes de Oliveira (PhD in Geography – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
Professor Liz Cristiane Dias (PhD in Geography – Universidade Estadual de São Paulo/UNESP – Presidente Prudente)
Professor Maurício Meurer (PhD in Geography – Université de Lyon)
Professor Moisés Ortemar Rehbein (PhD in Geography – Universidade de São Paulo)
Professor Rosangela Lourdes Spironello (PhD in Geography – Universidade de São Paulo)
Professor Sidney Gonçalves Vieira (Post-doctorate in Geography – Universitat de Barcelona)

Number of credits required

The Program consists of 50 credits distributed in 24 course credits, 10 qualifying examination credits and 16 thesis credits.
The Methods and Techniques of Geographical Research course (4 credits) is mandatory for all students in this program. All the other courses are elective courses.

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