Mathematical Modeling

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The graduate program in Mathematical Modeling (PPGMMat for its spelling in Portuguese) started its activities in 2013. It aims to train highly qualified professionals to develop teaching, research and extension activities to meet significant demand in the formation of human resources in Brazil and other Mercosur countries.

PPGMMat currently has three possible concentrations (Transport Phenomena, Optimization and Control, Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes) and four lines of research (Modeling of Dispersion of Pollutants, Modeling of Neutral Particle Transport, Optimization and Control, Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes).

The admissions process takes place every year. Students earn a degree upon completing 24 credits in courses, 3 of which are mandatory.

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Target Audience
Students with degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Meteorology or related fields.

Area of Concentration

Transport Phenomena, Optimization and Control, Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes.

Lines of Research

1 – Transport Phenomena

A) Modeling of Dispersion of Pollutants

B) Modeling of Neutral Particle Transport

2 – Optimization and Control

3 –  Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes

Study Plan

Advanced Topics in Calculus
Applied Partial Differential Equations
Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
Numerical Methods of Linear Algebra
Probabilistic Models
Mathematical Methods in Transport Phenomena
Special Topics in Transport Phenomena
Particle Transport Modeling
Air Pollutants Dispersion Modeling
Fluid Mechanics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Atmospheric Models
Dynamic Systems Modeling
Optimization Methods I
Optimization Methods II
Control Systems
Variational Calculus and Applications
Finite Element Modeling in Solid Mechanics
Special Topics in Solid Mechanics
Special Topics in Modeling of Vibratory Systems
Seminars in Particle Transport
Seminars in Air Pollutants Dispersion Modeling
Seminars in Optimization and Control
Seminars in Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes
Teaching Internship


Alexandre Molter –
Andrei Bourchtein –
Camila Pinto da Costa –
Claudio Zen Petersen –
Daniela Buske –
Fábio Silva Botelho –
Fabrício Pereira Härter –
Glênio Aguiar Gonçalves –
Jonas da Costa Carvalho –
Régis Sperotto de Quadros –
Valdecir Bottega –
Willian Silva Barros –

Associate Faculty
Rejane Pergher –
Leslie Darien Pérez Fernández –

Number of credits required

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