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The Graduate Program in Entomology began in 2012, in full accordance with the Institutional Development Plan of UFPel, aiming to train committed professors in social, economic and technological aspects of the country.

Entomology is an area of knowledge of the Biological and Agricultural Sciences, and is of great importance to the development of professionals with critical thinking skills to solve problems related to these fields. The target audience is students with degrees in Agronomy, students with Bachelors and teaching degrees in Biology, and students with Bachelor’s degrees in Ecology and Forestry, so as to develop basic and applied research in the areas of Biology, Ecology and Agribusiness.

The Entomology Program is a partnership of UFPel/EMBRAPA, involving the Institute of Biology and the School of Agronomy, the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, the Department of Zoology and Genetics and the Department of Plant Health, all within UFPel. The faculty has connections with various institutions of the country, working in different areas of Entomology.

The program has two lines of research within the area of concentration of Entomology: Biology and Ecology of Insects and Integrated Management of Insects.

Target Audience:
Students with degrees in Agronomy, students with Bachelors and Licensing degrees in Biology, and students with Bachelor’s degrees in Ecology and Forestry.

Area of Concentration


Lines of Research

– Biology and Ecology of Insects;

– Integrated Management of Insects.

Study Plan

– Collection, Preservation and Maintenance of Insects – Prof. Dr. Edison Zefa
– Insect Breeding – Prof. Dr. Mauro Silveira Garcia
– Entomology I – Flávio Roberto de Mello Garcia
– Entomology II – Rodrigo Ferreira Krüger
– Structure and Function of Insects – Prof. Dr. Anderson Dionei Grutzmacher
– Immature insects – Prof. Dr. Elvia Elena Silveira Vianna
– Integrated Management of Pests – Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Schneid Afonso
– Seminars I – PROF. Dr. Eduardo Bernardi
– Seminars II– PROF. Dr. Eduardo Bernardi
– Taxonomy of Insects – Prof. Dr. Patrícia Thyssen


Biology and Ecology of Insects

Dr.Edison Zefa

Dr.Eduardo Bernardi

Dr.Elvia Elena Silveira Vianna

Dr.Flávio Roberto de Mello Garcia

Dr.Patrícia Thyssen

Dr.Paulo Bretanha Ribeiro

Dr.Rodrigo Ferreira Krüger

Dr.Uemerson Silva da Cunha

Integrated Management of Insects

Dr.Alci Enimar Loeck

Dr.Ana Paula Schneid Afonso

Dr.Anderson Dionei Grutzmacher

Dr.Dori Edson Nava

Dr.Jose Francisco da Silva Martins

Dr.Mauro Silveira Garcia

Number of credits required

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