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UFPel’s Graduate Program in Physical Education (PPGEF for its spelling in Portuguese) aims to prepare professionals through post-graduate education so that they can pursue a potential career in their field of studies. The program intends to train students who are able to understand reality, identify scientific issues and carry out research projects that contribute to advance the knowledge in Physical Education. Another purpose of the program is to educate qualified professionals to teach in higher education institutions, consonantly with the requirements demanded by this career pathway in our days.

Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

Study Plan

The curriculum of the program is structured to cover two major areas of interest and their respective lines of research. Students are eligible to earn a Master’s degree upon completion of a minimum of 24 credits: 18 credits in mandatory (9 credits) and elective (9 credits) courses that qualify them for the defense of the dissertation, which amounts 6 credits.

Credits earned in mandatory courses that eventually exceed the number of credits required will be counted as elective-course credits, but exceeding elective courses will not be counted in the total credits required for mandatory courses.

Doctorate students must complete a minimum of 42 credits: 15 in mandatory courses, 15 in elective courses e 12 in the dissertation defense. As long as the School Board approves, fifteen (15) out of these 42 credits can be those earned by the PhD student in his/her Master’s Degree Program.


Airton José Rombaldi

Alan Knuth

Alexandre Carriconde Marques

Cristine Lima Alberton

Elizara Carolina Marim

Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio

Felipe Fossati Reichert

Fernando Carlos Vinholes Siqueira

Giovanni Frizzo

Go Tani

Luiz Carlos Rigo (Dean)

Marcelo Cozzensa da Silva

Mariângela da Rosa Afonso

Mário Renato Azevedo Jr.

Marlos Rodrigues Domingues (Associate Dean)

Pedro Rodrigues Curi Hallal                             

Stephanie Santana Pinto

Suzete Chiviacowsky Clark

Number of credits required

Doctorate degree: 42 credits

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