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The Graduate Program in Plant Health Care (PPGFs for its spelling in Portuguese) started its activities in 1991 as an area of concentration of the Graduate Program in Agronomy. In 1999, with the inclusion of the doctoral level, it became the Graduate Program in Plant Health Care with areas of knowledge in Entomology, Plant Pathology and Herbology, the latter starting in 2001. Currently, the program receives students from all over Brazil and South America.

The program aims to train highly qualified professionals to develop teaching, research and extension activities and support significant demand in the education of professionals in Brazil and the Mercosur countries. The PPGFs allow training in several lines of research in the areas of Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Herbology. This diversity in research options enables professionals to work with crop plants, especially irrigated rice, soy and corn, vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, forests, and temperate pastures. It also facilitates the usage of applied technology, law, and environmental impact of pesticides.

Target Audience:
Biologists, agronomists and forestry engineers

Area of Concentration

Entomology, Plant Pathology and Herbology

Lines of Research

Plant Pathology
Area that deals with major pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses and nematodes) associated to cultivated plants, and conducts basic and applied research for the integrated management and study of different plant pathogens in annual and perennial crops.

Agricultural Entomology
Area in which important insects in agriculture are studied, developing basic research related mainly to taxonomy, biology and ecology and also applied research aimed at the integrated management of insect pests in annual and perennial crops.

This line of research develops studies on weeds, which compete with cultivated plants causing significant loss in production. The objective is to recognize species and the integrated management of annual and perennial crops.

Study Plan


Area of Entomology

Permanent Faculty
Alci E. Loeck
Anderson D. Grutzmacher
Dori E. Nava
Flavio R.M. Garcia
Marcos Botton
Mauro S. Garcia
Uemerson S. Cunha 

Area of Plant Pathology

Permanent Faculty
Andrea B.M. Baccarin
Candida R.J. Farias
Cesar B. Gomes
Danielle R. Barros
Leandro J. Dallagnol

Area of Herbology

Permanent Faculty
Dirceu Agostinetto
Fabiane P. Lamego
Jesus J.O. Pinto
José A. Noldin
Leandro Vargas
Luis A. Avila

Associate Faculty

Permanent Faculty
Edemar A. Rossetto
Jader R. Pinto
José F. S. Martins

Number of credits required

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