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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Agronomia
Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Faculdade de Agronomia Eliseu Maciel
Caixa Postal 354
96010-900 Pelotas-RS, Brasil


he Graduate Program in Agronomy (PPGA for its spelling in Portuguese) started its activities in 1973 under the title of Graduate Program in Temperate Fruit Crops. It was later joined by the Graduate Programs in Plant Breeding and Plant Production, leading to the establishment of the Graduate Program in Agronomy, in 1985.
This Graduate Program gave rise to several others, such as Seed Science and Technology, Plant Health, Family Farming Production Systems and Conservation and Management of Soil and Water. Currently, the two main fields of study in the Master’s and Doctoral Degrees are those of Plant Breeding and Temperate Fruit Crops.
Over the years, the Graduate Program in Agronomy has contributed to the training of professionals to work in public and private companies. The area of concentration in fruit farming focuses on the growing of peach, apple and pear trees, highlighting the ecophysiology and management of those crops. Research work in plant tissue culture and the development of new technology-based growing techniques is also carried out.

On the other hand, the area of concentration in Plant Breeding focuses on the cultivation of rice, oat, wheat, potato, peach, native fruits, pumpkin, and pepper. The studies carried out focus on the issues of germplasm characterization, genotype selection, and genome and transcriptome initiatives. The work developed also shows a strong interaction between biotechnology and plant breeding tools. Responses to abiotic stress – especially when resulting from soil factors – are characterized through the use of genotyping and phenotyping methods.

Area of Concentration

1 – Temperate Fruit Growing

2 – Plant Breeding

Lines of Research

1 – Temperate Fruit Growing

Lines of Research
Ecophysiology and Fruit Production Management
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Applied to Fruit Trees

2 – Plant Breeding

Lines of Research
Plant Genetic Improvement
Plant Genetic Resources, Genome and Biotechnology

Study Plan


Permanent Faculty
Antonio Costa de Oliveira – PQ 1B
Ariano Martins de Magalhães Júnior
Arione da Silva Pereira – PQ 2
Caroline Marques Castro
Eloy Antonio Pauletto – PQ 2
Flavio Gilberto Herter – PQ 2
Jose Carlos Fachinello – PQ 1A
Luciano Carlos da Maia
Luís Carlos Timm – PQ 2
Luis Eduardo Correa Antunes – PQ 2
Marcelo Malgarim
Márcia Wulff Schuch – PQ 1D
Maria do Carmo Bassols Raseira – PQ 2
Paulo Celso de Mello Farias
Rogério Oliveira de Sousa – PQ 2
Rosa Lia Barbieri – PQ 2
Valmor João Bianchi – PQ 2

Associate Faculty
Ledemar Carlos Vahl
Leila de Fatima N. Macias
Walkyria Bueno Scivittaro

Number of credits required

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