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The Master’s Degree Program in Parasitology (PPGP for its spelling in Portuguese) was created in March 2004 aiming to supply the demand for higher education professionals working with teaching, research and extension in the fields of taxonomy, biology, epidemiology, diagnosis, control, and prevention of the major parasites of medical and veterinary importance, cooperating for the socioeconomic development of the region.

Another objective of the Program is to seek greater recognition and strengthening for the research group. For this reason, cooperation agreements have been signed with several education and research institutions from Brazil (EMBRAPA, FIOCRUZ, FURG, RFPR, UFBa, UFGRS, UFMS, UFMT UFPB UFSM UNISINOS, USP) and abroad (University of Montevideo – Uruguay, University of Alcalá de Henares – Spain, University of Surray – Britain, University of Wisconsin – USA, University of Pullman – USA). The permanent faculty and associates are encouraged to develop and offer courses of innovative and practical features, supported by current foundational bases and intensive bibliographic research. For that reason, CAPES database search is encouraged and required throughout the academic context, a procedure also adopted in the training of undergraduate students (especially undergrad research, assistant and intern students).

The number of schools offering studies on Parasitology has increased in our region over the past few years, resulting in an increase in the number of professionals seeking for continuing education in their area. This has brought excellent growth prospects for the group’s research, allowing researchers to focus on relevant studies and expand the number of students trained in the Program. Additionally, the Program unquestionably contributes to qualify the labor market with skilled professionals able to work in institutional teaching, research, and extension and also to understand the needs concerning livestock increase and public health improvement.

The Doctorate Program in Parasitology at UFPel was evaluated and accredited by CAPES in 2009 and is the only of its kind in southern Brazil.  The Brazilian Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education considered the Program satisfactorily structured and ready to develop dissertations in the field of Parasitology, so the first doctoral class started its activities in 2010.

Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

• Biology, epidemiology, pathology, and control of parasitic diseases of veterinary and public health importance.

• Biological control of parasites.

• Immunology and molecular biology applied to parasitology.

• Parasites of fish and wild animals.

• Taxonomy, bionomics, and control of insects of medical and veterinary importance.

Study Plan


Professor Ana Lúcia Pereira Schild
Histopathology of Parasitic Diseases

Professor Ana Luisa Schifino Valente
Parasitology of Aquatic Mammals

Professor Carlos James Scaini

Professor Claudia Pinho Hartleben
Epidemiology and Immunology Applied to Parasitology

Professor Claudiomar Soares Brod

Professor Daniela Isabel Brayer Pereira
Associate Dean
Fungi and Biological Control of Arthropods and Nematodes

Professor Eduardo Bernardi
Entomology and Biological Control

Professor Élvia Elena Silveira Vianna
Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Professor Fábio Pereira Leivas Leite
Immunology and Biological Control

Gertrud Müller Antunes
Member of the School board
Helminths of Domestic and Wild Animals

Jerônimo Lopes Ruas
Member of the School board
Parasites and Wild Animals

Professor Joaber Pereira Junior

Professor Luciano da Silva Pinto
Molecular Biology

Marcos Marreiro Villela
Member of the School board
Human Parasitology

Maria Elisabeth Aires Berne
Member of the School board

Nara Amélia da Rosa Farias
Member of the School board

Professor Patrícia da Silva Nascente
Fungi in Biological Control of Arthropods and Nematodes

Patrícia Jacqueline Thyssen
Dean of the PPGP
Taxonomy and Systematics of Diptera Muscomorpha

Paulo Bretanha Ribeiro
Member of the School board
Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Professor Ricardo Berteaux Robaldo

Rodrigo Ferreira Krüger
Member of the School board
Ecology of Parasites and Vectors

Professor Sibele Borsuk
Molecular Biology and Immunology Applied to Parasitology

Number of credits required

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