Food Sciences

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Centro de Ciências Químicas, Farmacêuticas e de Alimentos – UFPel
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The distance non-degree graduate program in Food Sciences (with emphasis on Fruit and Vegetable Technology) is comprised of 12 courses addressing up-to-date subjects on processing techniques and quality control of both raw materials and finished products. The Program has the maximum duration of 2 (two) years starting from admission. The minimum amount of credits required is 663 credit hours, 612 of which correspond to the 12 courses offered and 51 to the thesis workshop. Completion of the Program is achieved through a face-to-face meeting, where an exam and the presentation of the thesis must take place.

Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

Study Plan

I – Fruits and vegetables structure, physiology and chemical composition           
II – Fruits and vegetables safety and quality           
III – Minimally processed refrigerated fruits and vegetables           
IV – Pulp and juice production technology           
V – Canned fruits and vegetables           
VI – Fermented and frozen fruits and vegetables           
VII – Fruit jam, butter and paste           
VIII – Osmotically dehydrated and saturated fruits and vegetables           
IX – Fruits and vegetables dehydratation           
X – Sensory analysis           
XI – Fruits and vegetables microbiology
XII – Physicochemical analysis of fruits and vegetables        


Professor Angelita da Silveira Moreira
Professor Carla Rosane Barboza Mendoça
Professor Caroline Dellinghausen Borges
Professor Eliezer Ávila Gandra
Professor Fabrizio da Fonseca Barbosa
Professor Josiane Freitas Chim
Professor Márcia de Mello Luvielmo
Professor Mirian Ribeiro Galvão Machado
Professor Márcia Arocha Gularte
Professor Renato Buchweitz
Professor Rosane da Silva Rodrigues
Professor Rui Zambiazi
Professor Tatiana Valesca Rodriguez Alicieo
Professor Valdecir Carlos Ferri

Number of credits required

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