Seed Science and Technology

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The program offers non-degree diplomas in Seed Science and Technology as well as in Irrigated Rice Seed Production.    
Both Programs offer distance classes, which are divided in ten modules. Students are required to attend two on-site meetings each semester.

Area of Concentration

Lines of Research

Seed trading
Seed Quality Control
Seed Physiology
Seed Pathology
Seed Production
Forage Seed Production and Technology
Postharvest Seed Technology

Study Plan


Professor Antonio C. S. A. Barros –    
Professor Dario Munt de Moraes –    
Professor Francisco Amaral Villella –    
Professor Leopoldo M. B. Labbé –    
Professor Luis Osmar Braga Schuch –    
Professor Manoel de Souza Maia –    
Professor Maria Ângela André Tillmann –    
Professor Orlando Antônio Lucca Filho –    
Professor Paulo Dejalma Zimmer –    
Professor Silmar Teichert Peske –    
Professor Vilmar Luciano Mattei –    
Professor Wolmer Brod Peres –    

Number of credits required

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