Undergraduate Programs

Teaching Degrees

Biological Sciences (B.Sc.)
Chemistry (B.Sc.)
Dance (B.A.)
Distance Degree in Arts and Language (B.A).
Distance Degree in Geography (B.Sc.)
Distance Degree in Mathematics (B.Sc.)
Distance Degree in Pedagogy (B.Ed.)
Distance Degree in Rural Education (B.Ed.)
Distance Degree in Spanish (B.A.)
Geography (B.Sc.)
History (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.Sc.)
Music (B.A.)
Pedagogy (B.Ed.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Physics (B.Sc.)
Physical Education (B.A.)
Portuguese (B.A.)
Portuguese and English (B.A.)
Portuguese and French (B.A.)
Portuguese and German (B.A.)
Portuguese and Spanish (B.A.)
Social Sciences (B.Sc.)
Theater Studies (B.A.)
Tourism (B.A.)
Visual Arts (B.A.)

Non-Teaching Degrees

Agricultural Engineering (B.Sc.)
Agronomy (B.Sc.)
Anthropology (B.Sc.)
Animation Cinema (B.A.)
Animal Science (B.Sc.)
Architecture and Urbanism (B.A.)
Biological Sciences (B.Sc.)
Biotechnology (B.Sc.)
Business Administration (B.Sc.)
Chemistry (B.Sc.)
Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (B.A.)
Civil Engineering (B.Sc.)
Computer Engineering (B.Sc.)
Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Properties (B.A.)
Control and Automation Engineering (B.Sc.)
Dentistry (B.Sc.)
Digital Design (B.A.)
Economics (B.Sc.)
Electronic Engineering (B.Sc.)
English/Portuguese Translation (B.A.)
Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (B.Sc.)
Food Chemistry (B.Sc.)
Forensic Chemistry (B.Sc.)
Geography (B. Sc.)
Geological Engineering (B.Sc.)
Graphic Design (B.A.)
History (B.A.)
International Relations (B.A.)
Journalism (B.A.)
Law (B.L.)
Materials Engineering (B.Sc.)
Medicine (B.Sc.)
Meteorology (B.Sc.)
Museology (B.A.)
Music – Choral Conducting (B.A.)
Music – Composition (B.A.)
Music – Flute (B.A.)
Music – Guitar (B.A.)
Music – Musical Sciences (B.A.)
Music – Popular Music (B.A.)
Music – Piano (B.A.)
Music – Popular Music (B.A.)
Music – Singing (B.A.)
Music – Violin (B.A.)
Nursing (B.Sc.)
Nutrition (B.Sc.)
Occupational Therapy (B.Sc.)
Petroleum Engineering (B.Sc.)
Pharmacy (B.Sc.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Physical Education (B.A.)
Physics (B. Sc.)
Production Engineering (B.Sc.)
Psychology (B.Sc.)
Social Sciences (B.Sc.)
Spanish/Portuguese Translation (B.A.)
Veterinary Medicine (B.Sc.)
Visual Arts (B.A.)
Water Engineering (B.Sc.)
Wood Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.)
Writing and Proofreading (B.A.)

Technologist Degrees

Environmental Management
Food Technology
Fruit Farming
Hotel Management
Land Transport
Management of Cooperatives
Management Processes
Public Management
Viticulture and Enology

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