Student Mobility

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CRInter (Coordenação de Relações Internacionais – Office of International Affairs), former Department of International Programs and Exchanges (DIPI), is linked to the President’s Office and deals with all those who are interested in international mobility. It is the official entity for all international cooperation agreements and is responsible for all international relations policies.

CRInter’s duties and objectives are as follows:
– Plan, coordinate, and implement actions linked to forming international relationships, heading multilateral collaboration;
– Lead the way for the receiving and executing of top international proposals and their respective activities;
– Make viable agreements in accordance with international cooperation with foreign institutions;
– Promote and maintain exchange between university institutions and other international organizations, stimulating the development of studies, internships, courses and research in a variety of different areas;
– Divulge information about courses, events, conferences, international programs, and scholarships.

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