Academic Departaments

Center for Arts (CA)
Center for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences (CCQFA)
Center for Technological Development (CDTEC)
Center for Open and Distance Education (CEAD)
Center for Engineering (CEng)
Centro de Integração do Mercosul (CIM)
Center for Languages and Communication (CLC)
Conservatory of Music
School of Physical Education (ESEF)
School of Business Administration and Tourism (FAT)
Eliseu Maciel School of Agronomy (FAEM)
School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAURB)
School of Law
School of Education (FAE)
School of Nursing and Midwifery (FEO)
School of Medicine (FM)
School of Meteorology (FMET)
School of Nutrition (FN)
School of Dentistry (FO)
School of Veterinary Medicine (FVET)
Institute of Biology (IB)
Institute of Human Sciences (ICH)
Institute of Physics and Mathematics (IFM)
Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Politics (IFISP)

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