International Cooperation

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There is a continuous exchange of students and educational staff who either go abroad or come to study at UFPel. As to students’ academic mobility, the university maintains cooperation agreements with 75 higher education institutions in 25 different countries.

The International Relations Office manages a number of federal or local agreements and programs, such as Amigo Universitário (University Friend). Since 2012, the program Science without Borders (CsF) – which encourages the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of Brazilian science, technology, innovation, and competitiveness through students’ exchange and international mobility – has provided UFPel’s academic community with the opportunity to study at the best universities and research centers abroad. In 2013, 230 UFPel students were granted scholarships from the Science without Borders program (213 undergraduate and 17 graduate students), emphasizing the university’s principles to contribute to the improvement of society worldwide.

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